Final Fantasy XIV Hairstyle Design Contest

Are you a talented, clever and deft Final Fantasy XIV player? Adventurers of Eorzea are constantly ringing the Crystal Bell to summon Jandealine, the artistic and talented Elezen who is quite possibly the busiest person in all the realm. Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV Hairstyle Design Contest.

Final Fantasy XIV Hairstyle Design Contest

Don’t worry, you don’t need to pick up a makeup kit and a pair of elegant shearing tools. Instead, we’d like to give Jandealine new ideas for hairstyles by having adventurers submit their own hairstyle creations! The development and operations team will be selecting the finalists and then taking it to the forums for players to vote on their favorite male and female hairstyle. The two winning hairstyles will then be implemented into the game!

To enter the Contest, you must possess an active FFXIV account at the time of submission and agree to the criteria written below. By submitting an entry, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Contest terms and conditions below, and that you are eligible to participate. Besides, please note the following when designing your entry:

1. If you find it difficult to design both the front and back, you may design only the front. In regards to hair length, please design it so that it is above chest level for both the front and back so that it meshes properly with equipment.

2. Hair length should not exceed the template provided below.

3. You are not required to use the provided template.

4. When creating your design, use of in-game materials is limited to FINAL FANTASY XIV screenshots only.

5. When the hairstyles are implemented, we are planning to make it possible to choose them for every race.

6. Designs with a small amount of hair, such as shaved head and mohawk designs, may not be able to be implemented for certain races.

7. When using a picture to submit an entry, you may use either your own hair or a mannequin. Additionally, there are no restrictions on using wigs; however, please do not include aspects other than the hairstyle in the picture, and be sure to follow all of the rules.

If you are interested in participating, please click here.