What Does The RuneScape Fans Get In This Summer

The summer is coming. All RuneScape’s fans will get three months’ access to RuneScape’s members’ content in this summer. Here’s a taste of what’s coming up:

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The first update of June is a colossal world event where you’ll travel into space to battle the beast goddess Tuska. Work together, and use a mighty god weapon to bring her to earth with a crash.

Earn an all-new warpriest set and ability, and become part of Gielinor’s history: a hero who saved the world from certain destruction.

Collect the Seren Shards

In this summer’s Grandmaster quest – the sequel to Plague’s End – help Eluned as she strives to reconstruct the shattered crystal goddess.

As your reward, learn new ancient spells and prayers that’ll open up new styles of play.


Travel to Mazcab – monster-ravaged homeworld of the goebies – and join the fight against its ferocious fauna in a new area bigger than Prifddinas.

Claim high-level loot in epic 10 man boss battles on a strange new world!

Summer’s packed to rafters with even more RuneScape content, including adamant and rune dragons, Lumbridge Crater’s conversion to a beach resort, fast lodestone teleports and a heroic Fremennik quest!