FIFA 15 Team of The Season Nominations Will Be Revealed

With the end of the FIFA 15 season currently, the most popular football game, fast approaching, more and more fans put their eyes on the Ultimate Team of new Season. Don’t worry, it will be revealed on the official forums until April 22.

FIFA 15 Team

The rules that all interested gamers need to follow are:

– 23 players for each team, with 11 starting players, substitutions and reserves;

– choices need to be consistent with persistence but should not have been in-form in Ultimate Team before;

– 6 English league players, 2 French, 2 German, 2 Italian and 2 Spanish

The organizers are also saying that ratings should not be linked to any of the players that are part of the Team of the Season and that EA Sports will take care of them.

The announcement adds, “The teams are decided by you, the community, by way of discussion. This is NOT a vote. Each thread has a community member leading it, ultimately responsible for deciding the team.”

Discussion threads for Gold, Silver and Bronze Team of the Season packages for Ultimate Team in FIFA 15 are offered.

Once the community selects its players of the season, the development team will take their choices into account and will deliver its own set of players once the big European championships are over.

Ultimate Team has become the most important multiplayer side of FIFA 15 in the past few years and the developers are EA Sports are constantly looking for new ways to draw gamers in and keep them focused on getting new packs.

The company has also improved the underlying mechanics by announcing mechanics like the Price Range, which makes sure that for each player a minimum and the maximum value is used in the transfer market.

The concept is designed to make sure that as many players as possible get a chance to use superstars like Messi, Ronaldo or Ibrahimovic in their line-ups.

Overall security measures for the Ultimate Team accounts has also been improved on all platforms.

EA Sports is starting to develop FIFA 16, and it is said that fans will see the new generation that the team is adding to the series in the fall, although there is no information has been offered.