Useful tips to buy FIFA 15 coins safe

In FIFA 15,If not coins, we can barely do everything, like build a strong team, earn money and make fun.So how to buy FIFA 15 coins safely and instantly from a coins website? Here are some useful tips.

1. Register different Original Accounts. It means you have more chances to transfer your coins from an account being warned.
2. Buy FIFA 15 coins with different accounts. That is safe to transfer your coins to different account as friends.
3. Buy coins with a reasonable amount per deal from one coins website only or the website you buy from usually. If you unfortunately bought coins from a website that get their coins from illegal resources, you will be more dangerous. Or, the more coins websites you purchased, the more risk you will get. Since you traded from different strangers.

Less risk to get banned if you buy coins from a website. That is true! We buy coins weekly safely, so do lots of players. Whom EA exactly want to ban is coins farms, not all you guys who play FIFA 15 and help EA make money.