FIFA 15 Tricks:Take Advantage of Capitalizing on UT Happy Hours

Once or twice a week, EA will announce a “happy hour” via its Twitter feed.During happy hours, EA will release special packs that will available in the store for a limited time (usually for an hour, hence the term “happy hour.” Funny how that works, eh?). These packs will usually feature more players than the usual packs, and/or offer a slightly better chance to receive IF’s or other rare cards in the packs. In addition to tweeting the happy hour announcement to its millions of followers, EA will also prominently advertise happy hours both on the web app and on the console. EA advertises happy hours to entice gamers to spend money on FIFA points and buy packs. EA is very successful in advertising happy hours, and there is ALWAYS a significant uptick in the amount of packs bought during happy hours as compared to most other times. When a massive amount of packs are being opened, the consumables market temporarily plummets.

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Since consumables can only be used once, the supply is entirely dependent on packs being opened and new consumables hitting the market. However, the demand for consumables is relatively consistent throughout the year. Therefore, since the demand is constant, the prices of consumables are determined by the supply. Applied to the FUT market, the prices of consumables are determined by the amount of packs being opened.

A good way of projecting fluctuations in the consumables market is to look at this week’s TOTW. If the TOTW contains IF’s of extremely popular players (i.e. the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Ribery, Robben, Bale, Neymar, Falcao, Aguero, van Persie, Hazard, Lewandowski Ibrahimovi?, etc.), then significantly more packs will be opened than if the highlights are players like Jack Wilshere, Gary Cahill, and Samir Handanovi?. The better the TOTW, the more packs will be opened. If there is a relatively poor TOTW, then consumable prices will rise, since less packs will be opened, and therefore less consumables will be available on the market (i.e. a decreased supply). Since the demand for consumables remains relatively constant throughout the entire season and is largely immune to the external market forces we discuss here, a decreased supply will lead to a rise in prices.onversely, if there is a great TOTW, consumable prices will be lower that week.

Conversely, if there is a great TOTW, consumable prices will be lower that week.Packs usually contain up to five consumables (fitness cards, chemistry cards, attribute cards, etc.).

Unless you’re a relatively serious trader and know the consumables market very well (most FUT users aren’t and don’t), most gamers are just going to just chuck the consumables on the market for 150SP and hope for the best. Now that you know that the amount of packs being opened increases significantly during happy hours, and further, that there are tens of thousands of consumables being listed at 150SP, let’s discuss how you can use this information to make quick and easy profits.

Squad Fitness Cards
As soon as the happy hour is over, head over to the consumables market and target gold or silver squad fitness cards.

Gold squad fitness cards will usually sell for around 3K (and sometimes up to 4K if there is a shortage of packs being opened, and therefore a decrease in the supply of consumables). Silver squad fitness cards will sell for slightly less, around 2.5K (but they can go for over 3K at times when consumables become more scarce due to fewer packs being opened).

Since there are so many packs being opened, there are dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of gold squad fitness cards going on the market every minute! This massive influx of supply far exceeds the demand for the cards, and prices plummet. Squad fitness cards can be bought for a mere 150 coins, and the average price is about 1K directly after happy hours. I strongly recommend stockpiling as many squad fitness cards as you can!

Of course, as pack openings return to normal after the happy hour, so too does the consumable market return to normal. See the next page for examples of how easy these are to sell normally. You can see that, in just one hour, I sold 27 of my 29 squad fitness cards. On average, I probably spent 800 coins per card (meaning that my total investment was 23.2K for 29 fitness cards). When those last two squad fitness cards sold during the next one-hour listing, I ended up with 71.6K after tax.

This represents a profit of almost 50,000 coins in less than 20 minutes of actual work (15 minutes bidding on dozens of squad fitness cards after happy hour, and 5 minutes listing them). I always list the cards with a 2.4K starting price and a 2.7K BIN. Since the cards usually go for 3K, listing them 10% cheaper ensures that they sell quickly.

With consumables, you want to focus on volume selling. It’s not worth the extra trade pile space and time relisting trying to squeeze an extra few hundred coins out of each card. Since you ideally picked up 100 or so consumables after happy hour, you’ll want to flip them quickly and start earning profits. Pricing consumables under market price ensures quick sales, allows you to earn easy profits, and then lets you roll your profits into to your next coin-making venture. That said, if you only manage to pick up 40 or so squad fitness cards and you’re not planning to quickly moving onto another trading method, then by all means, list the squad fitness cards at 3K or more. They’ll sell eventually, but it will take some time to keep relisting them all until they sell.

Chemistry Style Cards
So with regards to the new chemistry style cards, it appears as though they will essentially replace formation cards in the consumables market. That is, while the actual in-game function of chemistry styles is different from formation cards, they can be treated like formation cards for the purposes of trading with them in the FUT market. Trading 101 tells us that in FUT 13, a player with the 4-1-2-1-2 formation was more valuable than the player with the 5-3-2 formation, because many more gamers favored the 4-1-2-1-2 formation than they did the 5-3-2 formation. While the supply of 5-3-2 formation cards was likely similar to the supply of 4-1-2-1-2 formation cards, the demand for 4-1-2-1-2 formation cards were exponentially higher than the demand for 5-3-2 formation cards, thus creating extremely disparate prices between the two consumables. 4-1-2-1-2 cards regularly went for 5K on the FUT13 consumables market, while 5-3-2 formation cards could be easily purchased for 150 coins. All this is to say that these new chemistry style cards should be viewed like formation cards.

With the new game mechanics implemented by EA for FUT14, pace remains at a premium, but less so than it did in FUT14. In addition, the heading stat boost is now in demand, given the fact that it is much easier to score via header in FUT14 than it was in FUT13. You should apply the same trading principles to chemistry style cards as you do to squad fitness cards. In addition to buying up lots of cheap squad fitness cards after happy hours, you should also be looking to buy cheap chemistry style cards as well. As you can see from the list below, there are several different chemistry styles, and each style offers different types of stat boosts.

BAS – Basic = +1 all base stats
SEN – Sentinel = +3 DEF +3 HEA
GRD – Guardian = +3 DRI +3 DEF
GLA – Gladiator = +3 SHO +3 DEF
BAC – Backbone = +2 PAS +2 DEF +2 HEA
ANC – Anchor = +2 PAC +2 DEF +2 HEA
ART – Artist = +3 PAS +3 DRI
ARC – Architect = +3 PAS +3 HEA
PWR – Powerhouse = +3 PAS +3 DEF
MAE – Maestro = 2+ SHO 2+ PAS 2+ DRI
ENG – Engine =+2 PAC +2 PAS +2 DRI
SNI – Sniper = +3 SHO +3 DRI
FIN – Finisher = +3 SHO +3 HEA
EYE – Deadeye = +3 SHO +3 PAS
MRK – Marksman = +2 SHO +2 DRI +2 HEA
HWK – Hawk = +2 PAC +2 SHO +2 HEA
HUN – Hunter = +3 PAC +3 SHO
CTA – Catalyst = +3 PAC +3 PAS
SHA – Shadow = +3 PAC + 3 DEF
GK Chemistry Styles
BAS – GK Basic = +1 all stats
SLD – Shield = +2 KIC +2 REF +2 SPD
WAL – Wall = +2 DIV +2 HAN +2 KIC
CAT – Cat = +2 REF +2 SPD +2 POS
GLO – Glove = +2 DIV +2 HAN +2 POS

While every gamer has a different playing style, there are a few cards that are among the most popular.
1).The Finisher, Hawk, and Hunter chemistry styles are the most popular for strikers and attacking players.
2).The Anchor, Engine, and Shadow chemistry styles are the most popular for midfielders.
3).The Shadow and Anchor chemistry styles are the most popular for defenders.

As we know, popularity equals increased demand, which in turn, equals higher prices. Therefore, after happy hours, you should be targeting at least one of the popular chemistry styles and buying them cheap. As with squad fitness cards, you should list them around 10% below market price in order to sell them off quickly, take the easy profits, and then move on to another venture. For comparison purposes, we should view chemistry styles with speed boosts just as we viewed 4-1-2-1-2 and 4-3-3 formation cards in FUT13.

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