ArcheAge’s first Closed Beta Event has ended

ArcheAge’s first Closed Beta Event has ended! Secure your access to future Closed Beta Events by becoming a Founder today. In addition to access to all of Beta, the ArcheAge Silver and ArcheAge Gold Founder’s Packs grant in-game Credits, unique titles, cosmetic items, Patron status, and the ability to start playing four days before launch.

Want to continue playing ArcheAge right now? The Archeum Founder’s Pack not only includes more Credits and days of Patron status, it also gifts special lock boxes, custom item crest reagents, a Founder’s Cloak, it also immediately grants access to our two Alpha servers which can be played on 24 hours a day, seven days a week (with the potential exception of during future Closed Beta Events).

Already a ArcheAge Silver or ArcheAge Gold Founder? Upgrade to an Archeum Founder’s Pack via the Glyph website with Silver-to-Archeum and Gold-to-Archeum upgrades!