How to Level up Fast and Efficiently

It is important to level up in WildStar as it can help us become more powerful and enjoy the game better. We are here today to discuss some possible useful WildStar Leveling Guide, may it help you in your own exploration.

The players introduces us his leveling experience both in PVP and PVE, and he personally thinks that PVE can be a better idea in fast power leveling. There are some quests after level 20 can bonus us much experience when we completing them. Also, we can be rewarded with some leveling items and find some zones that are good in experience increase from them. And being in a team maybe five players can be also a good idea to fast leveling up.

Wildstar Power Leveling

We have also gathered other WildStar leveling guides from reddit and other forums.
1. Skip all task quests. It main seems a little unusual in MMORPG. But in WildStar, it is suggested that we can only complete the main quest line, usually called the world story or regional story. Then skip all the optional ones and move on.
2. Find some maps that are good for your leveling. We will here take WildStar Exile Leveling Zones as an example. Three maps, say Alizar, Olyssia and Isigrol, can help us leveling up
3. Don’t overstay in a zone just to get all the world story done. Go to Galeras at 14. Go to Whitevale at 21-22. Farside at 29. Skip all gathering, skip all crafting and skip all Path quests. It is the best explanation for efficiently. To skip all the unnecessary steps and focus on the important part, it is certainly a good way to fast leveling up.
4. Wait until 15 to get your house. Then you can go to Thayd and get your mount and house at the same time.
5. Don’t group up as you can get duel credit from some quests and if you are in a group, you have to divide them. This is not a usual guide for leveling. But try it when you think it is the right moment, stay flexible can be always a great idea to perform better in the game.

These guides and tips we are offering today are all gathered from the internet, wish they can help you leveling faster. Also, you can come to us to buy some better WildStar Power Leveling with the 9.8% coupon “Wildstar2014” to get better equipment. Best wishes.

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