ArcheAge Update – New Buildings and Locations

After announcing the upcoming ArcheAge Update 1.7, XLGames released a few more details about the new locations that will be added to the Northern Continent.

Besides these new locations, Update 1.7 will also bring a new island called the “Mirror’s Kingdom”, a place where players will be able to raise their fishing skills and catch rare species. A new fishing rod will be added for this unique location.

New players will be able to take part in a siege battle through the newly added “Prologue” that is supposed to bring more lore details about the history of ArcheAge.

The housing system will also receive two new buildings, a Residence that will cost 3000 Delphic Stars and a double sized Bungalow priced at 300 Delphic Stars.

There are some things that shouldn’t be in a fantasy MMORPG like cars and other fancy means of transportation, but who am I to judge the new Skateboard.

The UI will receive some minor changes to ease the localization of quests for new players. The quest window will now show the distance to the nearest mob or NPC.

And here comes the new tax system that adds the possibility to pay your taxes in advance for up to 5 weeks. During this period you won’t be able to sell your property and if you choose to destroy it you won’t get any funds back.