FIFA 15 developer try to make people real to “Fell The Game”.

It’s worth to¬†waiting for this awesome game named FIFA 15. Now we are going to talk about its new features, which were not in previous games of FIFA series.

FIFA 15 Update
Senior producer Nick Channon says:
“From the most realistic players ever created in a FIFA title to fully realized arenas with living pitches, this year we’ve brought a whole new level of visuals to the game, incredible visuals are only one part of the FIFA 15 story.”
In FIFA 15, developer focus on players look. They try there best to make them real to “Fell The Game”.

Fifa make people real to "Fell The Game".
You can see players visible breath when they are tried by running. And can see moving hair when they are running (of long hair players). If you fell down, you can see grass and mud color on player’s uniform. Goal will make sound if football hit to goal’s bar. Shit pulling is also in FIFA 15 to slow down opponent speed.

Its a Must Try game specially for FIFA and Football lovers. So get ready for this game which is coming in 23 & 26 September 2014 for Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360.