The general strategy for crafting in WildStar

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Crafting may begin at 10 level when you get a proper quest. Then you choose up to two paths of Tradeskill from the NPC. You need to remember that for example for weapons you need stones. To get them, you have to know how, so you have to begin Mining Tradeskill and buy a proper equipment. This example shows that some of Paths are connected and you have to remember about that.Remember also that you can switch one of your Tradeskill Paths once every 24 h.

Connections are shown in the table below:

wildstar tradeskills

To create better and better items you have to level up in crafting. To do so, create new items. It is not important what items – you get XP for every of them.
wildstar xp

You have three windows:
Schematics – There you can look at all schematics you have and information about what you need to craft any particular item. When you have all of them, click “Preview” button to start crafting.

TechTree – it’s a quest-tree which tells you what you have to do and how many times to get stars and new recipes. Stars are required for the third tab of talents. Usually, quests are connected and to make one, you need to complete all other which are connected. On the very top you can see a name of the tree you’re actually crafting in. When you develop them, you’ll be able to move within the levels. What is more, you find there information about experience in each branch. When you get the highest level of XP, new level unlocks. New recipes may be discovered by quests from TechTree or by finding them.

Talents – skill tree which helps you in crafting. Each level requires given amount of stars to be unlocked. For example, first level requires four stars. Stars can be gained by making quests from TechTree. You can choose only one talent from each level.