Tips and Trick for WildStar new players

wildstar preview

Ok, so there are a lot of new folk playing the game and even myself run into some confusing stuff. Here is some information I’ve collected that would help new folk out a lot.

1.Mounts are at level 15, hover mounts are level 25. Hover mounts allow you to travel over water.
2.Cheapest mount is 10g 69s or there about. When you get to level 15 you likely have about 8g, not enough for a mount.
3.Amps are part of your Action Set Builder. Amp Tier 1 you just put your amp powers in to boost stats. You get amp powers through leveling.
4.Amp Tier 2 and 3 require that you get an Amp item in the game to unlock. Each amp item is unique and only unlocks the amp of the same name. Locked amps have a red lock, unlocked amps have a white lock. The amp items come from quest rewards, vendor purchase, random drops
5.Right click on a new bag in your inventory will swap it out with the smallest bag. has a lot of addons for the game and the curse downloader will install them into the right place easily
7.Housing unlocks at level 14, cheapest house is 1g, with mounts at level 15 you will probably have to choose a mount or a house at least until you make enough WildStar  gold.

wildstar trick

8.Clicking on the Objective title in the quests list on the right side of your screen will give you an arrow to where the objective should happen
9.Adventures (like random dungeons) are available at level 15, you need to unlock each adventure before you and queue for them.
10.Dungeons are at level 20, also need unlocked first.
11.Early on, don’t bother repairing, you will save money since items will be replaced before they need repaired.
12.Primary Stats are Assualt for DPS and Support for Healing/ Tanking. Each class is slightly different for what provides those primary stats:
Esper DPS: Moxie – Healer: Insight
Medic DPS: Tech – Healer: Insight
Spellslinger DPS: Finesse – Healer: Insight
Engineer DPS: Finesse – Tank: Tech
Stalker DPS: Brutality – Tank: Tech
Warrior DPS: Brutality – Tank: Tech
13.PVP Battlegroups can be queued up for at level 6