Albion Online

Get Rewards By Doing Missions In Albion Online End Of Beta Weekend

The last Beta of Albion Online will end on July 9th! To celebrate the July 17 open of Albion Online servers, Bethesda launches some events during the “End of Beta Weekend” from July 7 to July 9. Rise of the Guardians on July 7 Since Guardians are invading Albion, what…


MU Legend Review: The Closed Beta Test, Character Classes, Graphics

MU Legend had millions of players and became one of the most popular ARPGs in the world. MU Legend takes place in a shard-based mini-MMOG world. This is something missing from the current kings like D3 and PoE. MU Legend has a core stat called Combat Power (CP) which is…


Albion Online: The Develop Team Will Close The Beta Servers On July 9

After so many years it does not seem true, but it is about to happen: they are missing just two weeks at the final launch of Albion Online, scheduled for July 17 for Legendary Pack owners, 18 for Epic pack owners and 19 for all others . Release will mark…


MU Legend Is Great: Unrestricted PvP And Limited Areas

MU Legend is form of path of exile or diablo with a really open world, currency system that revolve around diablo/PoE style dungeons seem fine. The open world nature technically does exist in MU Legend but ultimately doesn’t share the rules and social structure that the original MU had, which…


It Is A Success For Morrowind Back To Elder Scrolls Online

The saga of the Elder Scrolls makes its return to the island of Vvarendell, a land known to fans of the franchise, who had already explored it in the Morrowind chapter, released in 2002. This time, we discover landscapes of And its secrets 700 years ago. Nostalgic to the biggest…


Do You Know The Release Date Of Madden 18?

With Tom Brady’s announcement, he was a Madden 18 blocker who issued a date to the fans. Madden 18′s release date is August 25, there are several options to make the game earlier. According to EA Sports, G.O.A.T. version will be released on August 22, which will include five G.O.A.T….


Dark Lord In Mu Legend Is The One Who Brings That Hope

Gamers have a wide array of choices, they are good at play classics gamepplay like Mu Legend. Mu Legend is not just for entertainment, it can also help you to learn a new skill. Consequently, you can earn in-game valuable currencies such as Mu Legend Zen gradually through investment of…


Portraits Of The Guardians Of Albion Online

They are beautiful, they are strong, impressive and they are several, discover the Guardians present in Albion Online The Guardians come straight from the ancestral times of Albion, gigantic creatures, they are 5 and all have a specificity. But who are they, how to fight them? Follow the guide: What…


World Of Warcraft: Are You Going To Be Playing PvE Or PvP

World of Warcraft is a massive open world MMORPG, jumping into World of Warcraft for the first time can be daunting. You should know this if you’re thinking about playing or have ever considered it. Hence, you require mastery some necessary guides about the game, today, let’s take a look…


Mu Legend Gamers Have A Wide Array Of Choices

In Mu Legend, gamers have a wide array of choices. Meanwhile, a majority of gamers have played Mu Legend at some point. Not all Mu Legend are just for entertainment, some can also help you to learn a new skill. If you’d like to learn more latest information, be sure…