FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

A New FIFA Price Range Update Has Been Released

The new price range update has been released for FIFA 15. EA stated that all updates series are beneficial for the players, and they are building a more fun, simulation and unique game environment for every gamer.     The company further stated that these adjustments are not final, and…

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FIFA 15 Has Downed To No.2

The Top 10 for best selling game has been released. FIFA 15, EA’s shooter, was No.2 for one percent gap. Meanwhile, Battlefield Hardline spent its fourth week in pole position of the GfK Chart-Track All Formats Top 40, and came the top slot. Grand Theft Auto V is pushed down…

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Video Tutorial: FIFA 15 Custom Tactics

FIFA 15 video tutorials have been updated by EA Sports this week. Maybe you will get some advices about altering your squad to fit your play style by watching custom tactics. Although you might are not unfamiliar to the techniques in these videos, I believe that you will be able…


FIFA 15 Manchester City And Manchester United Team —— Second Half

Well, welcome back here. Next, I will tell you the the second half of the match. The second half started as the first had begun, with De Gea at his brilliant best to deny Aguero. For some reason the United defence seemed to stand off the little striker in the…


FIFA 15 Manchester City And Manchester United Team —— First Half

Manchester derby has taken a more important role at the top of the Premier League, since Sheikh Mansour arrive at Manchester City. They need a repeat the real statement of intent which a 6-1 victory at Old Trafford a few years ago when play Manchester United on Sunday. Having slipped…

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The Prediction About When The TOTS of FUT 15 Will Be Released

The gamers always ask constantly about when the TOTS of FUT 15 will be released after Team of the Year was released in January. Although we can’t give you the accurate answer, following are some correct analysis about the time of releasing TOTS of FUT 15. During the release of…

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

New FIFA 15 TOTW 29 Can Be Got As You Expected

A good news has been released that the FIFA 15 fans can get the new Ultimate Team, and the list of players will be handed out at 6PM UK time. As explained within a tweet just moments ago on the official EA Sports FIFA account, TOTW 29 will end at 5:45PM…

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

EA Gives Explanations To The Changes of Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

As you know, there are so many complaint to the change of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team price ranges that EA can’t sit idly. EA has responded and clarified its attitudes. The changes consisted of a new price ranges on all players in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, which means every player…

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The Public Can’t Buy FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins

FIFA 15 has been 6 years old, and EA Sports hands out a series of activities to celebrate sixth birthday. As the most popular game of football simulation, FIFA 15 fixes its eyes on game’s fairness. EA Sports stated that FIFA 15 Coins will never be sold to the public….

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Four hits to make fifa 15 coins quickly

Are you annoyed with how to make fast FIFA 15 coins for FIFA 15 jaunary update? If you haven’t made enough coins in the tips you get from other articles, we’ll give up 4 great tips to earn coins in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team! Try each of the techniques out…