Path of Exile

Fun Points And Bad Points In PoE Beastiary League

In Path of Exile, beastiary league was full of good idea in the intention, but absolutly awfull in realisation. I collect some bad and fun points in this league. Meanwhile, there are some poe items for trade on our website. Let’s enter it. Bad points: 1. To capture beast, you have to…


What is the Difference Between This and Mercury Trade in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free online action game developed by Grinding bear games. The game is based on all out action whereby players battle monsters in caves and dungeons to fulfill quests to earn experience points and extra ammunition. However, there have been many changes since the initial release….

Path of Exile

The Top Tips for Path of Exile New Guys

PoE has shit-ton of mtx but DLC? I guess you can call every league DLC but content updates in this game are free and only game-altering mtxes i can think of are stashes. but i think it is more like a qol thing. Yeah, this website is new and we…

Path of Exile

PoE: What Has Happened During The Past Week

In Path of Exile, GGG will pull out lots of information should be coming in the next week or two, but that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a ton of great stuff to see and learn over the course of the past week. 1. Path of Exile: Royale Last…


FFXIV Orchestra Concert Come With Masayoshi Soken

We talked to the audio director of Final Fantasy XIV on the occasion of the European concerts. Masayoshi Soken, also represented by the firms “Masayoshi Kikuchi”, “Sorbonne Soken” and “Luis Noma”, was born in La Paz (Baja California Sur), Mexico. In 2010 he embarked on the titanic mission of leading…


Madden-Store Exceed In Meeting Fans’ Expectations For Madden 19 Coins

Madden-Store is the best place to get Madden 19 Coins delivered to you fast, cheap, and with great customer service! We have been involved in the Madden Coins for years and really enjoy the Madden NFL game mode. However we feel people are being overcharged for the packs offers and…

Path of Exile

Path Of Exile: My 8 Suggestions On Bestiary

In Path of Exile, I’ve been playing Bestiary for the past month, a few hours a day or so, I often buy poe orbs cheap when I have no time, and I want to share my thoughts on this league, and offer some suggestions. Welcome more suggestions. 1. Portal reward…

Path of Exile

Path Of Exile: Potential Improvements Ideas To Bestiary Mechanics

In Path of Exile, I have some interesting ideas on bestiary mechanics, I want to share with most players.If you have any different opinions, welcome any suggestions and comments. Enable Autocapture GGG is rightfully reluctant to enable auto anything. I dislike the idea of autocollecting items for example. In case…